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Is this product REALLY hawaiian?

How many times have you purchased a product labeled Hawaiian and it’s not made in Hawaii?

As a consumer I like to find authentic products. When I search for Hawaiian products I want to find products that are actually made in the Hawaiian islands.

Made in Hawaii Defined

by the Hawaii Revised Statute Chapter 486-119

A product labeled “Made in Hawaii” must have at least 51% of it’s wholesale value added by manufacture, assembly, fabrication, or production within the state of Hawaii.

Businesses are responsible for using the “Made in Hawaii” label appropriately. To determine if a product qualifies for use of the “Made in Hawaii” label, a cost analysis must be performed using the following three components of wholesale value:

  1. Direct Material Cost – raw materials, distinguished by origin, imported or Hawaiian
  2. Direct Labor Cost – the cost of workers who add value through direct involvement in production in Hawaii
  3. Manufacturing Overhead Cost – indirect manufacturing costs incurred in Hawaii

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Where to find Made in Hawaii products

While Hawaii’s Department of Agriculture’s Quality Assurance Division tries to regulate use of the “Made in Hawaii” label, I have still found it difficult to identify businesses that are actually making products in Hawaii.

Find vendors that meet the Made in Hawaii law previously mentioned here:

  1. Made in Hawaii Festival
    An annual event on Oahu, usually in August, featuring vendors from all the Hawaiian islands
  2. The Made in Maui County Festival
    An annual event on Maui, usually in November, featuring Maui vendors
  3. Kauai Made
    A website by the County of Kauai, Office of Economic Development featuring Kauai vendors
  4. Molokai Made in Hawaii
    A website by The Molokai Chamber of Commerce featuring Molokai vendors.

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